Kinfolk Home Issue // Outtakes

Images by wearetherhoads

To see more from this story and the film we made from this day you can check out our vimeo. And for more outtakes of this story for Kinfolk you can check it out on our site here.

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waking up from the weekend

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Darling Summer Issue // Palm Springs Story









imageImages by Chris & Sarah Rhoads of ©We Are The Rhoads
Models: Collin @NEXT, Therese Fischer @FORD
Styling: Henna Koskinen
Makeup: Jenna Tucker
Hair: Bobby Elliot
Rentals: The Living Room
We had a great time shooting this story for Darling Magazine’s summer issue that launched this week. We shot it at a house in Palm Springs and had an amazing team on this one with us. Check out the issue here.

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Equinox Feature on Chef Zach Lynd

Directed by: Chris & Sarah Rhoads of We Are The Rhoads
Cinematography: Russel Brownley
We went out to Montauk, NY a few weeks ago to spend a day with Zach Lynd who is a chef, entrepreneur and all around creative guy who splits his time between New York and the east end. He’s opened a few food trucks out there which focus on bringing sustainable options to the locals in the area. Had a great time in Montauk and putting this piece together for Equinox.

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Bose Print Campaign rolls out

Images ©We Are The Rhoads

Fun to see the print portion of this campaign we shot for Bose rolling out, it goes in tandem with the Bose spot we posted earlier this week. For this campaign we focused on profiles of real people, not necissarily models/actors, but people who actually live and breathe the lifestyles we were capturing. We shot pro BMX’ers in their element, skateboarders doing their thing, hosted a night at a club with a DJ, a band throwing a house party, along with some other awesome talented folks and had a lot of fun in the process.

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Bose Spot Releases!

We had the pleasure of directing a few spots for Bose a handful of months ago, the campaign is just beginning to roll out. The company hired us to build a concept for them from the ground up for their new headphones that are being marketed to the young and hungry millennials of the world, right in our sweet spot. We got to create this campaign from the ground up and it was a real pleasure to work with such a collaborative team of people from our client, talent and our amazing crew. To check out more from this campaign head over to Bose’s website.

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just another morning in amsterdam.

Image by ©We Are The Rhoads

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almost summer…

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Sleep Walking | Ashley

imageImage by ©We Are The Rhoads
Model | Ashley Rogers - Vision LA

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Polaroid | Carrie Brownstein

Image by ©We Are The Rhoads

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